Diploma of Operative Endoscopy in Gynaecology with European certification in partnership with ESGE - Year 2017




The CICE diploma (formerly University Diploma) of operative endoscopy is changing in 2016

Now that a certification process and European Diploma of gynaecological endoscopy are being set up, the instructors at CICE felt that changes were needed for the former University Diploma (DU) of gynaecological endoscopic surgery. We want to offer candidates not only the theoretical and practical training courses usually given in Clermont-Ferrand, but also the opportunity of obtaining the new European certification in gynaecological endoscopy at the end of these two weeks of training.

What exactly does the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA programme) involve?

It consists of a training programme developed by the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery (EAGS) and the European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE). It was drawn up in collaboration with University experts in endoscopic surgery. The goal is to provide certification of your theoretical knowledge and technical skills according to 3 levels (bachelor, minimally invasive surgery practitioner, pelvic surgery expert). So it includes a theoretical examination using MCQs (TESTT) and a practical test based on various modules (LASTT, SUTT, HYSTT). The tasks in the practical test have been validated scientifically, from the training point of view, by various studies and several scientific publications. This certification, notably concerning the minimum technical skills required of a surgeon and which has been so often suggested in the past, is thus becoming a reality today. The programme has been validated by the major European Learned Societies (ESRHE, EBCOG, ENTOG, ESGE) and approved by the North American Societies (ACOG, AAGL). Up until now this certification could only be obtained on the occasion of the annual ESGE or at the EAGS. From 2016 onwards it can be awarded by various centres in Europe (2 per country), among which the CICE. We felt it was important for you to be able to take this step on the occasion of the CICE diploma course.
For further information you might like to check out visit the following websites: www.europeanacademy.org, www.esge.org, www.websurg.com

The new CICE Diploma course: what remains without change?

Two weeks of training with: interactive theoretical sessions addressing the various surgical techniques in gynaecological endoscopy with national and international experts, surgical demonstrations, and training sessions using pelvi-trainers for laparoscopic sutures and anaesthetised live animal models (pigs).

The new CICE Diploma course: what has changed?

The new Diploma is no longer a University Diploma according to the French definition of the term ("DU"). Nevertheless the training is still given mainly by University staff. This has allowed us to reduce the costs of inscription to reasonable levels, in particular for interns, which was no longer the case within the University structure due to recent changes in regulations. There is no need for our young colleagues to be worried because there should be no change in terms of "DU" equivalence with respect to the various "DES" coordinators, again in view of the "legal" situation concerning "DU"s in the French intern's course structure. This new diploma will allow them to acquire the same knowledge and skills as before along with new training experiences (LASTT) and a European diploma. Although the course contents have not changed, the method for validation of the diploma has: previously this involved a written short answer test at the Faculty of Medicine and the production of a paper, with the need to score above 50%.
From now on this is replaced by a written MCQ test (the same for all candidates) concerning the main fields of endoscopic surgery, and an assessment based on practical exercises (which vary according to the choices made when applying for the course).
All the candidates who enrol will be registered in the GESEA programme "scoring platform". This is a database allowing each candidate to be included in the programme according to his/her individual choice, whether simply to take part in the LASTT (or test) module training sessions or certification with assessment in all three 3 modules: LASTT, SUTT and HYSTT.

For the "European Certification", the 2-hour theory examination will have 50 MCQs with the need to score above 50%. The 3-hour practical examination will then consist of objective assessment of performance in 3 exercise modules (LASTT, SUTT, HYSTT). These correspond to the skills required for navigation, coordination and manipulation of objects and sutures on a pelvi-trainer (LASTT, SUTT) and basic skills on a hysteroscopy model (HYSTT). Their results will be entered in the scoring platform. The examination results will be analysed by comparison with those of a standard population assessed previously ("beginner" coded red, "advanced" coded yellow, and "expert", coded green).

For 2016, only the first level, i.e."bachelor", will be possible.

In addition to the CICE diploma and certification, it will also be possible to obtain an ESGE European Diploma.

The ESGE European Diploma will be delivered to candidates on presentation of a statement from the head of their department specifying that they have carried out a given number of endoscopic operations as assistant or first surgeon. For bachelor level (and 2016) they will need to have proof they have participated (at the least as first assistant) in 30 gynaecological endoscopy procedures.

We sincerely hope that this important change to our diploma will meet with approval from most of you.

The CICE team,



Diploma of Operative Endoscopy in Gynaecology with European certification in partnership with ESGE - Year 2017

For a better organization, we combine the two sessions on the same year.

1st week - from 16 to 20 January 2017

Warning new dates : 2nd week - from 27 March to 1st April 2017


Warning ! Do not wait for your visa application . Administrative formality can take time !




Cost of the course 2017

Gynaecologist, surgeons :  1800 €
Inscription (1500 €)
European Certification (300 €)

Resident : 1000 €
Inscription (800 €)
European Certification (200 €)



* In case of cancellation, thank you to provide us with the proof of cancellation within 6 weeks before the date of the 1st week of instruction. After this time and without proof from you, your claim will be rejected.







Inscription for 2017 diploma are closed.







Programme of Diploma of Operative Endoscopy in Gynaecology with European certification option in partnership with ESGE - Year 2016


Click here to download the program from the first week

Click here to download the program from the second week (last update : 21/03/17)





Diploma of Operative Endoscopy in Gynaecology with European certification option in partnership with ESGE - Year 2016

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