Tribute to Professor Maurice-Antoine BRUHAT


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Maurice Antoine Bruhat’s Day


Pr MA Bruhat was a pioneer, a visionnaire and a leader in endoscopic surgery. He was both always interested in innovation and in surgical technique. He was also convinced that imaging both diagnostic and interventional will become essential in surgical practice.

To honor his memory and trying to continue his way, we wish to organize a meeting on the last Tuesday of February 2016. He gave the date when he passed away on the last tuesday of February 2014.

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Maurice-Antoine Bruhat

The International Centre for Endoscopic Surgery (CICE) was created in 1990 by Professor Maurice Antoine Bruhat to respond to the joint challenge of the evolution of surgical techniques and new imaging technologies.

The major innovation  represented by the development of laparoscopic surgical techniques has led simultaneously to a strong demand for training. Recognized leader in this new minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology, the Clermont team felt the need to implement an experimental simulation centre dedicated to education alongside its clinical activity.     
The CICE provides formal lectures and also a practical introduction to advanced techniques aimed at interns, chief residents/registrars and also the most experienced surgeons, along with anaesthetists and operating room nurses. Practical assessments are also important. 

The CICE welcomes about 1,500 people every year from all horizons, national and international. Its latest generation technical platform is open to other specialties, including collaboration with interventional imaging.

Research and development, evaluation and design of new tools, basic research and the creation of multimedia teaching aids count among the CICE's many other activities.          .

Thanks to its partnership with the University hospital services, the CICE is able to welcome foreign practitioners for short or long stays.


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